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jonathan and kari – denver wedding photography

We have loved every minute that we’ve gotten to spend with Kari and Jonathan ~ when the two of them are together, you can’t help but see the sparks fly.  We loved that they chose two very different locations for their wedding ~ the beautiful mountain backdrop at Mt. Vernon Country Club for their ceremony and a very chic reception at the Cable Center.  Their wedding day was truly a perfect blend of these two amazing people.  Kari has worked with Footers Catering for years, and she definitely knows the wedding industry inside and out.  Their food was amazing (of course!), including some of the best street tacos we’ve ever had.  The Footers staff tore up the dance floor towards the end of the night to add to their awesome party.  We just love these two and are so happy to have documented the start of their new journey together!

Some of the other wonderful vendors included:



camping in steamboat – a photo story

Our documentary, journalistic style of photography lends itself well to telling a story with images, and once in a while it’s nice to write the backstory to some of those images.  Here is a photo story from one of our family’s recent camping trips to Steamboat Springs.  Enjoy the read, enjoy the images!

Camping Steamboat CO by David Townsend on Exposure

behind the image – the lost ring

There’s always a story behind an image, sometimes it’s a fleeting moment, and sometimes one image can represent a whole other sequence of events. This image is about:

The Lost Ring

The Backstory:  Cody & Christine are getting married on this day at Arrowhead Golf Club.  Cody and his groomsmen are getting ready across town at the Inverness Hotel, and we have some time for a short groomsmen photo session before heading to the ceremony.  We cruise around the golf course and get some great photos of Cody and the guys, and just before leaving Cody requests we do some jumping shots.  Absolutely we can do that, so I fire off a couple rounds of jumping, we nail the shot, and then decide it’s time to head to the ceremony venue.  Bing, bang, boom, let’s go get Cody married…right?  Uh, no.

“Wait” says Cody, as he reaches nervously in his jacket pocket, “I can’t find the ring”.  The ring, as in Christine’s wedding band…uh oh.  “It must have fallen out when I jumped”, his face is pale and the wedding day sparkle in his eye has temporarily faded.  Frantic moments ensue…Cody runs back up to the room to make sure he didn’t leave it there, and the rest of us proceed to search in the grass for the ring (think needle-in-a-haystack kind of search).  Someone even had the great idea to do “sweep search” to make the search more precise, but after several fruitless, looong minutes, the groomsmen nervously try to come up with a “Plan B” (whatever that may be). The ceremony time now becomes imminently closer.

Moments later, out of the silence, “YES”! I found it!  Randomly one of the groomsmen thought to brush his foot along the grass, and after a few sweeps, the ring popped up into the air.  Moments of frantic searching were all of the sudden interrupted by joyous celebration, cheering, and plenty of high-fiving.  And here’s the shots that followed…

And that’s the story behind the image.

Dave’s side note:  After this experience, I will be issuing a friendly verbal warning to any jumping wedding party members to secure things in their pockets, such as – oh, let’s see – wedding rings for instance.

pauly + ashlee – boulder engagement photography

We loved Pauly and Ashlee’s boulder trail hike/engagement session for so many reasons… wandering through the forest, grabbing gorgeous light and photographing these two being absolutely connected and completely in love.  Their energy is so warm and inviting, it makes you just want to be around them and soak it all in…and we’re pretty sure the hummingbird and the mama & baby moose that came to visit them think so too.  (Can you find the hummingbird?)  We are beyond thrilled to photograph their wedding in the Bahamas in November!


alex + lauren – estes park engagement photography

We always encourage couples to choose a location special to them for their engagement session.  Every time they choose their own location, it makes the session all the better.  It lends so much to the natural, relaxed style of photography we love, and it makes our couples feel that much more at home with each other…and THAT is what we love to photograph.  Estes Park and Rocky Mountain NP was the setting for Alex & Lauren’s session…it’s one of their favorite spots together and they loved showing us some of their favorite spots around town.  Their dog Ceasar got in on the session as well.  He was so excited to be in the mountains and simply could not contain himself, but he still managed to sit briefly for a nice portrait. Thanks Ceasar, that’s a good boy.;)