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    Dave & Lynn

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alison + andrew – della terra mountain chateau wedding

Alison and Andrew chose the gorgeous Della Terra Mountain Chateau for their colorful mountain wedding!  The two envisioned a laid-back wedding in a quaint mountain town, and after falling in love with Estes Park, they knew they had found it.  Guests flew in from all over and got to bask in the scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park as they enjoyed all the festivities.  Every detail was just perfect ~ from the stunning flowers from Floral Designs of Europe to the delicious sweets by Indulge Bakery ~ the two couldn’t have put together a more beautiful day.  Guests danced well into the night while That Eighties Band belted out some incredible tunes that took us right back to big hair, leg warmers, and shoulder pads!!  We absolutely loved working with this wonderful couple and wish them all the luck in the world!

Some of the other talented vendors included:

BAM Hair
Alchemy Mineral Blends
Masterful Musicians
























































the lifestyle session – ordinary to extraordinary

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Whenever I look through my old family photo albums, some of my favorite childhood images are ones that show our family interacting and living- the ones that give a true glimpse of how we were at that particular time in life. They were ordinary moments, but they had an extraordinary impact on my memory.  Seeing the posed shots of us all together is always great, but the ones that I really treasure are the more candid moments: the one of my dad kicked back on the couch with us draped over his lap, or the one of my mom working her magic in the kitchen with a classic 1980′s apron on.  It’s those little day-to-day things from my childhood that I have a hard time recollecting, but these pictures always spring them back to my memory.

We create our Lifestyle Sessions to bring those moments into your family’s collective memory, so you can always look back to this extraordinary time in your lives.  These sessions capture the true essence of your family, and they allow us to document the little moments of your everyday life…because those are the moments that are hardest to hold to memory.  We love to start our Lifestyle Sessions in your home to be able to photograph the “real” you.  Read on to find out more…

Lifestyle Session FAQ

Have reservations about shooting in your home?

“My house is too messy & I don’t want to clean it!” – Yeah, we don’t like to clean ours either:).  Don’t feel like your entire house has to be vacuumed and spotless for the photo shoot.  Just choose a couple of your favorite rooms (for photography, the more window light coming in the better) and you can throw the toys and clothes in a closet!  Often times we only use a small little corner of a room to focus on, and we always tidy things up as needed for framing the shot.

“We don’t have any good backgrounds at our house” - Of course, nobody actually lives in a photo studio.  You needn’t worry, as we are masters of working with any environment and making the moment shine.  When we arrive at your home, we’ll do a quick walkthrough with you to pick out the spaces in your house that will be best for photography.  We can also head outdoors for part of the session; the backyard or a nearby park is ideal!

“Our home life is so boring” - On the contrary, just look at it differently and your cup will be half-full.  What you may think is ordinary, is just waiting to be documented and turned extraordinary, bringing to life all the little things you thought were boring.  In addition to photographing the natural in-between moments, we can create activities like artwork, baking your favorite treat, reading books, jumping on the bed, and all the things you love to do together.  We’ve got plenty of ideas up our sleeves, and we’re happy to share suggestions!

What do I need to do for my Lifestyle Session?

Before our photo session, we will talk with you about the rhythm of your family life. After a phone conversation, we’ll send you a brief questionnaire that will help us get to know your family.  Together, we will design a session that captures what you love doing together, what makes you feel close.  Whether that’s making cookies, sharing a meal, going on a walk, having a picnic, eating at your favorite ice cream shop, or roasting marshmallows over a campfire… we’ll come along and tell the story that makes your family uniquely yours!

What do we wear?

First and foremost, wear what you love!  Our featured session started with the brilliant idea of the Dreier family to photograph everyone hanging out in their pajamas on a Saturday morning!   If pajamas aren’t your thing, just start by dressing your kids comfortably so that they are happy & can move around easily.  Patterns, colors, or solids are all great, but try to avoid logos and large brand printing, as you want to keep your attention on your child’s faces, not their shirts.  Think “seasonal” – Fall & Winter are great for scarves, sweaters, hats and boots.  Spring & Summer are ideal for sundresses, sandals & bare feet.  For parents, just coordinate your colors & patterns, and remember that you don’t all have to wear the same color for great portraits.  Let your clothes be an expression of who you are!

We want more than just still images; do you shoot video also?

We do!  This year we are thrilled to introduce our Family Film Session. Cinematic video adds an amazing layer of depth to your portrait collection. Using our soulful style, our films preserve a meaningful slice of time in your family’s life that just can’t be repeated.  (Think toothless grins, waddling first steps, and contagious giggles…:) As parents, we know how quickly the moments pass, and we treasure our own photographs and films.   Check out the video below to get a feel for the power of the cinematic family portrait.

What do we do next?

Send us an email or give us a call to schedule your session; we’ll be happy to share our collections with you and help create extraordinary memories!


Schedule your booking by April 15th for a complimentary $50 spending credit ~

Spring weekend dates are beginning to fill up quickly!



valentine’s day special – denver boudoir photography

Lynn is offering boudoir sessions just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Lynn and her staff of all-female professionals provide this beautiful experience, including a personalized makeup application and hairstyle tailored to your vision. Whether in your home or the hotel/location of your choice, David Lynn Photography captures your natural beauty as you reveal as much or as little as you like.

Contact Lynn at: 303.638.4646 or weddings@davidlynnphoto.com to book!

“Having a boudoir photo session was one of the sexiest things I have ever done! I was nervous at first but Lynn made me feel so comfortable. Her hair and make-up artists made me feel pampered and listened to my vision for the shoot; I couldn’t have been happier with their work. I am keeping the session a secret from my husband until it is time to give him his birthday present. I know he will be completely floored! I know this will be the best gift he will ever get- it was also the best gift I’ve given myself!”


brad and bonnie – crooked willow farms wedding

We knew Brad and Bonnie’s wedding was going to be incredible when the bride told us she had a surprise helicopter ride planned for her entrance. And surprise it was! Guests snapped photos and held onto their hats (literally) as Bonnie’s brother piloted her down into one of the gorgeous open fields at The Venue at Crooked Willow Farms for a true grand entrance.  Jessica Hearing of A Vintage Affair Rentals helped to pull this beautiful day off, and The Venue at Crooked Willow Farms provided the stunning scenery. Brad and Bonnie are such a wonderful, fun couple and we were honored to be able to capture this day!

the kushners – family photography & films

We love hearing from the Kushners a couple times a year to schedule their family’s portrait sessions. We photographed Paige & Paul’s wedding 6 years ago, and we’ve been fortunate enough to photograph their family as it’s grown over these years.  Paige & Paul have an amazingly easy demeanor about them.  They’re such at ease with themselves, with others, and especially with their kids, no matter what they throw at them (literally and figuratively).  The kids, Harper and Henry, are as cute as can be, and Harper already has a sweet spot in her heart for her baby brother.  Their latest lifestyle session was complete with us shooting both still photography and HD motion pictures, giving them the images that captured the moments, and the cinematic footage showing how their family interacted together.  We spent a gorgeous, sunny morning with them at their home, playing, making brownies, and romping outside in the fall leaves.  It all made for a great collection of images and a wonderful film, giving a priceless snapshot into their lives at this time that they will always be able to look back on and enjoy with a smile.